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Visual recording at the Brussels Tech Summit

While working as a Digital Content Strategist at the European Commission, I attended the Brussels Tech Summit last June, organised by Forum Europe and partnering with Accenture and Microsoft among many others. Great opportunity to try and capture the conference visually – session after session after session. That was the first challenge really, figuring out which sessions to attend as there were so many interesting topics, but also quite a few sessions taking place simultaneously or partly overlapping. So I sat down the night before and did a bit of a mapping exercise, resulting in my own personalised agenda for on the day:

2018_06_07 BXLTS18_00

And here are the results from my visual recording during the sessions:

Tech Vision 2018: Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed

  • Yves Bernaert – Accenture Technology Europe Lead & Intelligent Platform Services

2018_06_07 BXLTS18_01

Responsible business in today’s digital world 

  • Alea Fairchild – Research Fellow, The Constantia Institute
  • Marietje Schaake – MEP, European Parliament
  • Jo Deblaere – Chief Operating Officer, Accenture
  • John Frank – Vice President EU Government Affairs, Microsoft Corporation


Tech Talk

  • Dries Depoorter – Digital Artist


An inclusive future of work

  • Alea Fairchild – Research Fellow, The Constantia Institute
  • Lowri Evans – Director-General, DG GROW, European Commission
  • Lisa Neuberger Fernandez – Managing Director, Corporate Citizenship Strategy + Innovation, Accenture


Better tech through diversity: an interactive workshop hosted by Here She Is!

  • Julia Wagner – Co-Founder, Here She Is
  • Ronja Wagner – Co-Founder, Here She Is
  • Sarah Wagner – Co-Founder, Here She Is


Technology for social good

  • Paul Adamson – Chairman, Forum Europe
  • Jo Cox – Commercial Director, Hive (Centrica)
  • Dr Helio Fernandez Tellez – Technical Guru and Co-Founder, Zebra Academy
  • Sinouhe Monteiro – Founder, Ewala
  • Martin Bailey – Head of Unit, Digital policy, DG CONNECT, European Commission


What an amazing day! I was absolutely exhausted afterwards, but such a wonderful experience being able to share my visual notes with the audience, speakers and organisers immediately after each session. Got some great feedback from people afterwards which I’m very grateful for. Really recommend it if you’re learning the skill, just like me.

More on visual recording:


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