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2019 Resolutions

So here we are in 2019. Another year, another set of resolutions? It’s the first New Year since starting this blog, so I took a moment to reflect on my resolutions for the blog as well as life in general.

I started Annelies Explores last summer after contemplating it for quite a while. I’ve had blogs before pretty much every time I moved abroad to document my experience and keep those at home up-to-date. This time however I was thinking about a new blog more as a creative outlet, and a good friend of mine encouraged me to take the leap. There were multiple topics I wanted to cover on the blog: travels, my sketchnoting and running journeys – but also more general reflections, like in this post. So I set off, got a free WordPress site, linked an Instagram and Twitter account to it and started blogging.

A first and maybe obvious resolution for 2019 is to keep blogging. I would like to have a bit more of a realistic yet also regular schedule, for example one blog post every two weeks. That’s the aim at east, but it seems doable. I’ve prepared a list of topics to cover in the next few months, making sure I have a good spread of different topics to cover.

A second resultion is related to my social media outreach. I chose not to set up a Facebook page at the beginning, on the one hand because of all the scandals in the past year, and on the other hand because of the diminished (read: non-existent) visibility of organic posts these days. But you cannot escape Facebook, and when it comes to credibility you can’t really go without it I think. So I’ll assess as the year goes by and if the blog is successful (meaning I keep writing things and people actually read it) I might set one up.  For my existing Instagram and Twitter accounts I aim to post more regularly covering my chosen topics, but also making it a bit more personal.

As I mentioned, at the moment the blog is on a free WordPress template, so one of the things I am considering is upgrading it. I can add tags and categories to posts, but I would like to add more structure too it, but structure apparently isn’t free these days.

On a more personal level – here are my non-blog-related resolutions for 2019:

  • more quality time with my other half, friends and family: and making the time spent with them actually meanful;
  • travel often: at least one trip every 1-2 months, otherwise I get too restless (and what would I write about here?!);
  • travel more by train: I already started doing this in 2018 but I have every intention of keeping it up. The deal is that for every time I fly I need to take the train on my next trip. So far so good as I started the year with a trip to Luxembourg & Metz by train earlier this week, and I’m off to Birmingham next week, also by train!
  • find a new job: as my current contract is ending in February I want to find a more steady job where I can put my communication skills to good use, so fingers crossed!
  • keep reading, running, practicing my sketchnotes and growing plants: all of these cheered me up and/or calmed me down in 2018, so my resolution is to keep doing this and perhaps even take it up a notch.

That’s about it from my side, what are your resolutions for 2019?



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