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A weekend in Budapest

In November we flew off to Budapest (Hungary) for the weekend. Wizzair helpfully changed its luggage policy, so that all you can take now without paying extra is your toothbrush and maybe some spare pants. Luckily they changed their policy AFTER I had booked our flights, and kindly allowed my boyfriend and I to each take a small trolley as hand luggage without having to pay extra *winning at life*.

We flew on the Friday night after work from Brussels South Charleroi Airport, also know as the airport nowhere near the south of Brussels. We arrived quite late but had arranged pick-up from the airport through our Airbnb. We were met by this guy at Arrivals, herding arriving passengers like sheep to the side with his board full of names, checking off their destinations and guiding their taxi drivers to them, all while being on the phone non-stop.

We woke up in our lovely Airbnb right by the Great Synagogue on Dohany Street and set off through the Jewish area. We followed a little walk recommended in the Lonely Planet, right to our first stop of the day: breakfast at Cirkusz. I read online that it does get busy, especially on weekends. So being my organised self I had gotten in touch with them to book a table. They got back to me very quickly saying that they don’t take reservations for breakfast, that there might be a 10min wait but that it should move ahead quite quickly. We tried our luck, and there was a queue indeed. The nice thing about that queue however was that you get to watch the cooks prepare breakfast while you wait and once seated your food is served rather quickly. I ordered the french toast and oh boy, what a winner!

When I lived in Kraków my favourite bookshop/second home was Massolit. They have a sister bookshop in Budapest, so I had to go have a look. We were still quite full from breakfast, so no coffee break here, but I’m glad it has a similar vibe as the one in Kraków.

We then walked towards one of Budapest’s main attractions, the Parliament. We looped it and made our way over to the Shoes on the Danube monument. Then we crossed the bridge, left the funicular to our left and walked up the castle hill.

We took the back road to the other side of the hill and enjoyed a nice and quiet stroll. Nature called, and we found a nice little sort-of outdoor café called Walzer Café with a toilet (that was the most urgent matter) and lovely hot drinks and cake.

We then made our way back down towards the river via the Fisherman’s Bastion, crossed the next bridge and back towards our apartment for a rest. We met up later with my boyfriend’s Hungarian friend Adam (an artist) who took us to Black Cab Burger, and then later on to Kiosk for drinks.

On the Sunday we checked out and made our way over to the Gellert Baths. Glad we went early on the Sunday morning, as it was getting quite busy by the time we left. Then we walked back to the city centre. It was only the first weekend of November, so a tad early for me, but it was the first weekend of the Christmas Market in Budapest. Conveniently this provided us with all the delicious looking and smelling traditional foods in one place! Most definitely overpriced, but we were happy enough to sit there and try some of the local specialties.

Fueling up for the return journey with a coffee at Double Shot, and then on our way again to the airport, and home.


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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to visit Budapest! There is so much to do and see I would love to visit the Christmas markets. It sounds like you had such an amazing time.


    1. The Christmas markets already open early November, so might be a bit cheapier (and perhaps less cold?) to go then instead of December. In any case: very much recommended! Let me know if/when you decide to go!


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