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Week 1 in quarantine: 7 things to do

As most of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I got an idea for a series of blog posts. I’ve read a few posts out there recommending things to do in the house, but found that they remain quite vague. That’s why I want to give you one concrete suggestion a day to get your through these difficult times. So here comes week 1!

01_Monday_bedtime yogaMonday: bedtime yoga with Adriene

You might or might not have heard of Yoga with Adriene, but if you’ve ever wanted to try out yoga the time is now! No need for a yoga mat or fancy gear: a carpet, comfortable clothes and a phone or laptop with an internet connection will suffice. Adriene has loads of videos on her youtube channel: short or long, morning or evening, for beginners or advanced yogis, thematic sessions or specific ones for runners or gardeners for example. So many, and for free! What I like most is her accessible and easy-going way of teaching. Give it a try!



Sourdough starterTuesday: make your own sourdough starter

I love a good sourdough bread and thought I’d use this time at home to see if I can make my own starter. All you need is flour and water – depending on which recipe you are following. I wish I had seen this video before getting started, but I’ll proceed with my first attempt and if that fails I’ll know what approach to take next time. Most recipes recommend using rye flour, but thanks to all the greedy shoppers there is zero flour left in the shops at the moment so I just went with the regular flour we still had at home. Fingers crossed!


Trees and blue skiesWednesday: go for a lunchtime stroll

I bought a Fitbit watch right before the coronavirus hit Europe, when I still thought I’d be running a marathon in April. As I’m teleworking now I’ve come to realise how hard it is to get to my 10.000 steps in on a day. So one way of trying to get a few steps in is taking a slightly longer lunch break and going for a stroll. It helps me to clear my head, get some fresh air and counter feeling bad about sitting on my bum all day. Of course I try to take routes where I don’t run into too many people. The weather this week has been lovely so I even managed to soak up some much needed vitamin D.


04_Thursday_Repot plantsThursday: repot your house plants

After a stressful day at the office (aka my living room table) I really miss walking home to digest and reflect on the day. So in an attempt to find a replacement activity I decided to give my house plants some love. A few of them needed bigger pots and I had some seeds that needed planting, so I withdrew to our garage for some one-to-one time with our plants. I find it very soothing to just focus on the plant, find the right pot, add in new soil. And in these sad and scary times it can be nice to get up in the morning and check how your plants are doing, care for a living creature and help it grow.


Live drawing on instagramFriday: live drawing on Instagram 

I had seen that a couple of illustrators I follow on Instagram were doing free live drawing sessions. One of my favourite illustrators @goudenlijntjes¬† does them every evening at 9pm CET for two weeks straight! It’s through her that I found out that @paper_fuel was doing one as well on Friday, so of course I tuned in! Paperfuel’s book on handlettering got me hooked a few years back, so it was really nice to take part in this session. And now I’ve got a handdrawn card I can send to my grandma.



Tidying up the gardenSaturday: tidy up the garden

If you are lucky enough to own a garden in these #StayAtHome times it is a great way to get your daily intake of fresh air. And, as it’s officially spring now, most gardens also need a bit of work. As we seem to have a lot of ‘free’ weekends we are spending a good chunk of them tidying up our garden: getting rid of moss, pruning, removing dead leaves from pots and flower beds and stacking the logs from the tree my boyfriend and stepdad cut down. Bonus: that tired feeling after a hard day of work outside, and the bliss of taking a long hot shower and curling up under your clean bedsheets afterwards.

Fitbit watch runSunday: run

Not quite a new activity but so good. I’m still recovering from shin splints so probably a good thing I had to stop training for the Rotterdam Marathon. After a little break I’ve started again with short distances: 5-8 km. At the moment I set up a little training plan for myself to prepare for the 20km of Brussels. Not very likely that it will take place I think, but I need some sort of goal to train towards, so better than nothing. In any case it is good to get outside and channel my energy in a healthy way – while keeping my distance from others throughout of course.


Hope these activities have given you some ideas, or just a nice little reading break. How have you been keeping up at home? Let me know!

Read my overview of week 2 here.


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