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Week 2 in quarantine: 7 things to do

Hi there! This was my second week of working at home and social distancing. Just like last week I’ve tried to do one little thing every day to keep me going and make it all more bearable. Hopefully it might be of some use to you as well!


Monday: send a postcard

I’m a big snailmail addict and generally love old fashioned post. One of the small silver linings of this period is that so many of us taking the time to send cards and letters to our loved ones! Birthdays are of course the perfect occasion for a nice card. During an Instagram Live session with @paper_fuel last week I made the Sending Love card. Very exciting to send a handmade card! Last but not least I found some Mandala cards I got from a friend a while ago. So I wrote a message on two cards, coloured one in and sent the other one blank so it can be coloured in by the addressee.

'New' café spottedTuesday: discover new streets and places

It’s week 2 and I’m still trying to go out every day for a walk (or run). To make that a bit more interesting I’ve been trying to venture into lesser known streets. I tried out a new route to the supermarket for example. Yes, that is how exciting this gets, haha! But it’s funny how many ‘new’ things I’ve spotted! This pub for example, a 10min walk from my house, but because I never have to go through that street I had no idea it was there! I’ve also come across a restaurant and a hotel so far that I had no knowledge of, so quite interesting to re-explore your own neighbourhood on foot!


Basic Fit online workout aerobics

Wednesday: online workout with Basic Fit

Another way to stay fit (which might become the norm if we go into actual lockdown) is with online workouts. As part of my gym membership with Basic Fit here in Belgium I can also access a series of online workouts. When I signed up at the gym I used to do them there quite often, but I’ve only done it at home once or twice before and felt a bit ‘meh’ about them. But now I canot go to the gym I’ve been enjoying these sessions quite a lot, the aerobics ones in particular.



Book Elizabeth Day How to Fail

Thursday: start a new book

About time I joined the whole reading hype during this quarantine! My previous book was a bit of a slow read, but I finished it on Wednesday and was quite eager to start this one. I had listened to Emma Gannon interviewing Elizabeth Day in her podcast Ctrl+Alt+Del when on holiday in Georgia last year. Inspired by the podcast with the same name and based on her own experiences, this book is all about failing at a multitude of things: fitting in, work, friendships, family and many more. We all feel like we’ve failed at at least a handful of things (amiright) so it’s definitely an interesting topic!

Face mask Spa Sanctuary

Friday: treat yourself to a face mask

Friday is my day off, but any day is a good day to treat yourself, especially in these stressful times. Personally, I find it quite rewarding after a long run or after I’ve been cleaning. I like to litterally scrub away the effort and it’s nice to treat myself to something like a face mask. Any face mask works really, but I was gifted this one from Spa Sanctuary by a friend and I love it. The cool thing is that it is self-heating, which adds to the whole calming experience.



Google Hangouts call a friend with beer on the sideSaturday: call a friend

I spotted a post on social media this week that said something along the lines of ‘It’s not social distancing, it’s physical distancing. We need to remain social, this is the time we need each other the most.’ So true! Like many others I have been making the most of technology to hang out with friends and family. Whether it’s Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts any is good to  have a chat and check in with people. It’s also been cracking me up at times, and that is much needed these days. And as it was Saturday, why not have a beer in the virtual pub with your mates?


Week planner bullet journalSunday: plan your next week in a bullet journal

One way to combine my creativity and need for organisation is by planning out my week on Sunday evening. I find it quite relaxing as I get to draw a bit, but it also gives me clarity knowing what is coming up in the next 7 days. If you’ve wanted to have a go at a bullet journal this might be a good way to do so. For me a whole bullet journal is a bit overwhelming, but I find that this works for me as a to-do list and a way to track my habits. And it’s just really nice when you can make it look pretty!


Right, that was my second week at home! So far so good, still healthy and my boyfriend and I haven’t killed each other (yet) so I cannot complain! How are things your end?

Read my overview of week 1 here.


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