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Week 8 in quarantine: 7 things to do

Here we are: week 8 and my final full week in lockdown! We’re allowed to go back to our office next week for a few days (if we want to) and restrictions in Belgium are slowly being relaxed. By no means can we take extra risks now, but at least it will allow us to do different activities and see other people (from a distance). This will therefore be my last post with 7 activities – but don’t worry: there are 7 more from the past weeks to keep you busy πŸ™‚

walk and talkMonday: walk and talk

As you might know by now I’m always trying to find new ways to reach my 10.000 steps a day. On Monday I took a long lunch break and arranged a phone call with a friend. I hooked up my headphones and started walking, during which we had a 45 min chat! There is not much happening when you’re in quarantine and you might not feel like you have that much to share, but in the end it’s just really nice to catch up with a friend and talk about anything and everything – from visiting parents to ebooks to having opera singers for neighbours.


Flow Book for Paper LoversTuesday: Flow Book for Paper Lovers

When I sent a letter to a friend last week, I rediscovered my treasured cards and bits of paper and stationary from the Flow Magazines I’ve collected over the years. Annually (I think) they also do a special edition, called the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. The name is quite self-explanatory and the book is full of little wonderful things to write on, craft with or just admire. I own two editions but have only really used one – telling myself to use that one up first. So I completely forgot what was in the second one, and on Tuesday evening I leafed through it and felt really inspired to get creative.


colouring book for adultsWednesday: colouring book for adults

On Wednesday eve I sat side by side with my other half, running through some work questions with him. I was quite tired and for meΒ  to stay awake I need to do keep my hands busy. My daily handlettering for #the100dayproject had already been checked off the list, so I went to look for a golden oldie: Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – A Colouring Book Adventure. I received it as a present a few years back and it’s nice to come across it every so often, immersing myself again with markers or pencils at hand.



rhubarb tartThursday: lunchtime baking

For the first time in 8 weeks I spent the day alone on Thursday. My other half had to go to the office and it was quite a weird experience being by myself all day. With no one to have lunch with I decided to surprise my boyfriend with a tart (yes, definitely joined the lockdown-baking-frenzy)! A rhubarb tart to be more specific. I Googled for an easy recipe and just tried to use up the ingredients we had at home. Not a bad result I have to say, especially as I’ve never made one before. And my other half liked it, so mission accomplished!


Moz AcademyFriday: online course

I like online courses and usually complete one every winter. I’ve even written a blog post about them. This winter I didn’t, because I’ve been taking French classes in our town once a week. However, last week I spotted an interesting tweet! Apparently the Moz Academy have made their courses available for free until the end of May! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been on my to-do list for work, so this a great opportunity to get a refresh, both for work and for this blog. And Moz are a great resource, so check it out if that’s your cup of tea!


Pinterest profileSaturday: create a Pinterest account

Another one that has been on my to-do list for a while, but then specifically for the blog: set up a Pinterest account. I’ve had a personal one for years, but I’ve read and heard a lot about Pinterest helping to drive traffic to your blog. Also, if you’re familiar with it then you know what a marvelous rabbit hole of procrastination it can be! So I’m still figuring it out, but I hereby invite you to follow me and join me on this journey πŸ™‚ Also, if you have any blogger tips on using Pinterest I’m all ears!



Flat lay of laptop, plant and piece of tartSunday: blog updates

With the SEO course and setting up Pinterest I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog lately. The last few weeks have been an interesting trial in posting weekly blogs. I’ve come up with a lot of ideas for future blog posts and things I would like to change or try out. In terms of an action plan: I will go back to publishing a new blog post every other week as weekly posts were a bit crazy sometimes;.However, I do want to keep that weekly thing going, and in the week I’m not publishing something I will try to invest my time in updates and making my own little corner on the internet a better and more interesting place hopefully.

And that’s it folks! As mentioned above I will revert back to biweekly posts as posting every Sunday was a bit stressful at times. As we are slowly allowed outdoors a bit more here in Belgium I don’t think I’ll have that time going forward. And I’d like to do it properly.

This time in lockdown has given me plenty of ideas however, and I’m looking forward to put them into writing in the next few weeks. Hope to see you back when I publish them! Stay safe!

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  1. “Fail to plan is a plan to fail”, someone said. Great way to keep on track during quarantine, as you might get overwhelmed with the home environment.

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