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June bullet journal

As I was coming to the last pages of my current notebook it was time to design some  spreads for my new bullet journal! I really like planning out pretty much everything, so for me it’s a really fun yet calming exercise. I’ve created a few weekly and monthly spreads and then a few more general (habit) trackers. Still learning and improving – as you can probably tell from my previous post about it. Luckily there are some great examples out there to take inspiration from and it’s also been a good excuse to put the alphabets I’ve been drawing for #the100dayproject into practice (check my Twitter or Instagram).

Pick a notebook

Picking the right notebook can often be a whole task in itself. Luckily I had one lying around  that was gifted to me by my Croatian friend Katarina. It has a dotted grid on most pages which is ideal for bullet journals, but also comes with these quirky extra pages that are a source of inspiration themselves.

Grid spacing

I got this idea for your first page from Bookish Luna and I think it’s great! Super handy if you are designing lots of different spreads. You basically create a number of reminders for yourself on how long and wide the page is and how to conveniently divide it up.

Week planner

This is a template I’ve tweaked over time and it works well for me. I have a separate weekly planner for work, so I use this one solely for workout reminders, chores and other to-do’s. I like to fill it in on Sunday to prepare myself for the week.

Sports and steps tracker

If you’ve been following me for a bit you know I like to keep fit, either by running, going to the gym or trying out different workouts. But I do have to stay disciplined to make sure I get the workouts in. Having a fitness tracker really helps to do that. I try to run twice a week (building back up after suffering from a shin splint) and am adding a kilometer every other week. In addition I try to do a workout once a week, or maybe even some yoga if I find the time. I’ve added stretching as a category because I need to remind myself to not only do a short stretch after running but also a long one with the foam roller.

The steps tracker makes the numbers on my Fitbit a bit more visual. I try to get to 10.000 steps every day, but usually I only manage to do so 3-4 times a week. Let’s see if this tracker gives me extra encouragement!

Books to read

Like many other avid readers I do have a decent stash of books at home that I still need to read. So I figured that creating an actual To Be Read (TBR) list in my bullet journal would help me achieve that goal. Some of these are mine, some are my boyfriend’s, but all good reading material (I hope). So let’s see how many I can read this year!

Books to borrow

Other than the books I have lying around there are so many more on my TBR/wish list! I come across books often in articles or magazines and sometimes I manage to write them down, but more often than not I just forget about them, which is a shame. So in order to check out some different books and revive my library subscription I’ve compiled this list. Still need to check how many I can get from our local library. They put on a take out service during lockdown but have reopened now so looking forward to paying them a visit!

Blog post planner

blog post planner

Another more general spread, but quite an important one for me. I like using this one to plan out my posts and ensure a good variety in topics. On average I post every other week, but as you can see I upped the ante during lockdown. It was a good exercise to see how I would fare writing a post every week. It was fine then but I would definitely struggle to keep that up now life is picking back up again.

Twitter and Instagram Followers overview

twitter instagram followers

This spread was also inspired by Bookish Luna‘s latest bullet journal post. Twitter and Instagram are the two channels I started out with to promote this blog and are the ones I use most often. I don’t intend to update this spread all the time, but it’s nice to take stock and update once in a while.

Pinterest and blog followers overview

pinterest blog followers

This one has a similar purpose as the spread for tracking my Twitter and Instagram followers, but with bunting this time. The little flags just have a very happy and celebratory connotation in my eyes, so I think it worked out well. I’ve only just started with Pinterest, hence why these numbers are a bit lower than for the others. The blog followers also includes people who sign up with their email and receive my latest posts in their inbox (you can sign up at the bottom of this page if you’d like this as well :)).

June on the blog

June planner

And a last one that I will be replicating every month I think: a little to-do list for the blog. I like to break it down by week – usually I have most time to work on my blog during the weekend. As mentioned above I publish a new post every 2 weeks. The weekend in between I take some time to update older posts and improve their SEO. And I carve out a bit of time every week to schedule posts for Twitter (on Buffer) and for Pinterest (on Hootsuite) to promote my content.

What are you favourite bullet journal spreads? Don’t get discouraged if they take a while to develop and look nice and neat. It takes a bit of practice and lots of tweaking along the way. Check out my other posts on habit trackers or handlettering for more inspiration.


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  1. This looks really good ☺️ at the moment I’m hoping that at some point this year I may be able to add some trackers for blog and Pinterest followers but not there yet!

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  2. Your bullet journal is so neat and aesthetically pleasing! I really love the way you record followers with the boxes and bunting – I’d never seen it done like that before and it must be satisfying to fill in! I have never used a bullet journal myself but reading your post makes me tempted to try it.

    Liked by 1 person

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