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Podcasts for lockdown

I love a good podcast, but it’s something that has had to grow on me. Until recently podcasts were something I only listened to on long bus/train journeys during my holidays, or to distract myself when running (suffering) on the treadmill. I’ve previously gathered my personal faves in this post.

Enter: Covid-19. No more far-away travels, no more outings to the gym. But luckily here in Belgium we were still allowed to leave our house and go for walks during the spring lockdown, so that is what I did. And I started to look for podcasts to accompany me on those walks.

However, not all the podcasts I’d been listening to before worked well in this setting. I usually go out for about 30min at lunchtime, or a bit longer if it’s after work. Ideally I want something rather short so I can listen to the whole thing during one walk.

The topics or style I opt for are also a bit different now. As we’re in lockdown again, I prefer to listen to things that captivate and inspire me, crack me up, let me dream. Take me away from the here and now, basically. And the (tone of) voice really matters too – I do prefer listening to Brits over Americans (sorry!).

So from my last list I’ve kept these:

by Andy J. Pizza

Creative Peptalk with Andy J. Pizza. Try the episodes with Lauren Hom or the one with @LollyLollyCeramics (about her #the100dayproject).

Ctrl Alt Del with Emma Gannon. – Check out the one with Seyi Akiwowo (because I’ve met her years ago here in Brussels and her topic is such an interesting one).

How I built this with Guy Raz

How I built this with Guy Raz. My faves are the episodes on Five Guys, Burt’s Bees and Canva. I’ve always loved finding out how something is made so yeah – perfect!

The Creative Peptalk is often more around the hour mark, but if I enjoy the topic I just want to keep walking! Ctrl Alt Del is usually around half an hour, so ideal for a lunch break walk. How I built this is more towards the hour too, but similarly – if the story is interesting you just want to hear the end of it!

The new ones I’ve been loving during the past few weeks and months:

Behind the Scenes – The Umbrella Academy. I got hooked on the show over summer and after watching both series I found myself craving for more. This podcast came to the rescue with a lot of behind the scenes info – so if you’re a fan definitely give it a go!

Side Hustle School. Similarly to ‘How I built this’ this one is about the story behind the success, how someone achieved their goal. But this series focuses specifically on side hustles, which make them seem more attainable to me. And short and snappy, so you can get a couple in during a walk.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. Does what it says on the tin: how small adjustments can make all the difference. Quite short episodes and very relevant these days where little modifications in your daily routine or behaviour can have a big impact.

David Tennant does a podcast with… When I found out about this one I subscribed straight away, having been a fan of David Tennant for years. The star studded podcast is promising in itself, and David interviewing them makes it even better. My favourite episode so far is the very first one with Olivia Coleman, which had me laughing out loud while strolling around our little town.

How do I find my podcasts? Other than randomly stumbling upon some gems I’ve recently been using Find That Pod, a weekly newsletter with 5 podcast suggestions. Quite convenient if I’m looking for something new, so I can check out a few based on the reviews in the e-mail.

What podcasts have you been listening to recently? Would love to check out some new ones (many more lockdown walks to come :s)

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