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HOMwork 2020

2020 wasn’t the best of years, but it did some wonders for my creativity! How? I started doing the weekly creative challenges by handlettering artist Lauren Hom called ‘HOMwork‘. Every week you receive a prompt in your inbox and off you go! It offers you inspiration, a consitent rythm en gets you out of your comfort zone!

As you can see below I started off doing them all but then, you know, 2020 happened. The first lockdown hit and I tried out weekly blog posts, then I started my #the100dayproject and I got obsessed with sourdough. And then there were all the emotions: anxiety, sadness because of no travel, the lifting of restrictions, second lockdown, the US elections … So I’ve been completing these prompts off and on until October, when I started making my own Christmas cards! Even so, this experience has been a learning curve and also encouraged me to show my work, whereas before I wasn’t very confident about it. Still A LOT to learn and room to grow, but happy to share the below with you.

W1: Keep, toss or throw away?

Think of what you want to keep, donate, or throw away in 2020. Then letter or illustrate them into categories in a creative way.

W2: Say it in Style!

Illustrate a hand-painted sign with a personal announcement about your business or yourself that you want to hold up proudly (and digitally!) in front of your audience.

W3: Delicious seasoning and deductive reasoning?

Think of one (or more!) ingredient that is essential to your creative goals. Then design packaging for it as if it were a food product!

W4: Say it from your heart

Make an original love note that reflects your life and personality.


W5: Need help getting out of the comparison trap?

Design a gig poster with a lineup of your favorite musicians and bands. It can be for a single show, a tour, or a music festival.

W6: Let’s talk about sex baby

Let’s talk about sex, baby. It’s Valentine’s Day!!! Love is in the air & the clothes are coming off. Whether you letter & illustrate some self love or a hot note to your partner, make it all about sex positivity!

W7: Always dreamt of turning art into your job?

Design a sheet of art-positive stickers to spread the message that art is good!

W9: The power of starting small…

Illustrate or design your favorite letter!

W11: Curious about how other artists spend their time?

Letter or illustrate your daily routine (or just a day in your life!).

W13: Follow Your Fun

Recall the last thing you did for fun (like, real fun) and create a piece of artwork celebrating the activity or experience!

W14: Want to go far? Go together

Create (or craft) content centering on collaboration and community, creatively representing what each means to you.

W15: The antidote to creative burnout

Make (and illustrate) a list of activities that make you feel inspired and creative.

W16: How much time does creativity take?

Draw the same quote in 1 minute, 10 minutes and 1 hour.

W20: Using art to ease anxiety

Letter or illustrate a phrase or action that helps temper your anxiety and bring you back to a place of balanced perspective.

W22: A moment of creative respite for those who need it

Create a greeting card featuring your favourite city/place.

W23: The question all creative biz owners should ask themselves

Design or letter a quote from a Black author, entrepreneur or educator that has inspired you.

So what did I learn? Not to rush a drawing and take my time, both to think about what I’m going to draw and then actually draw, correct, adjust, perfect. I’m drawing the last of my christmas cards for this year, so hopefully I can get a few more prompts in before the end of the year. And then in 2021 we start again 🙂 

Have you ever taken part in #HOMwork before? Or any other creative challenges or prompts you would recommend? 

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