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HOMwork 2021: progress

Do you know HOMwork, the weekly creative lettering prompts from Lauren Hom? This weekly creative challenge helps you sharpen your lettering skills, stay motivated to create, and share more of your work online.So that is what I'm doing!

One year of sourdough baking

Once upon a time in 2020 there was a global pandemic. Enter telework and little distractions but for delicious food. Put one and one together and what do you get? Exactly: a love for making sourdough bread! We recently celebrated the first birthday of this covid pandemic (and let's keep it at that) but that also means it's been a whole year since I started baking my own bread. And now I would like to share with you what I have learnt. 

My favourite books by women

In the past few years I've read many a wonderful book by female authors, and have started to seek them out more specifically as well. For the occasion of International Women's Day 2021 I would like to share my favourites with you.

Visit Dinant: a guide to the best of Belgium

Let's start on a positive note by saying 2020 wasn't all bad. We couldn't travel abroad but we did get to discover some more wonderful places in Belgium, and one of those was Dinant. We explored the area as the first stop in a longer trip we did in the Ardennes and it set us off in a great way!

21 resolutions for 2021

Okay, so 21 might seem like a lot, but after 2020 I feel like I WANT to achieve more things. Funny enough, when I was compiling this list, I found myself writing 'keep on doing ...' a lot. So there are quite a few nice habits I started/prioritised in 2020 that I want to keep doing. Let me give you my full list!

2020 in review

It has been quite hilarious to re-read my new year's resolutions for 2020, knowing how things turned out. However, it has also been very interesting to see how some things worked out nonetheless, or far better than expected. So without further ado: my 2020 in review!

My books of 2020

Ahhh 2020! Things did not go to plan for most of us, and that is putting it lightly! So we should celebrate our small victories. One of those for me is achieving my reading goal: 20 books in 2020! Here are the books I've read in the past year!

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