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21 resolutions for 2021

Okay, so 21 might seem like a lot, but after 2020 I feel like I WANT to achieve more things. Funny enough, when I was compiling this list, I found myself writing 'keep on doing ...' a lot. So there are quite a few nice habits I started/prioritised in 2020 that I want to keep doing. Let me give you my full list!

2020 resolutions

So what resolutions do I have for 2020? Read on for my goals for blogging, travelling, creativity, fitness, books and some personal stuff.

2019 Resolutions

So here we are in 2019. Another year, another set of resolutions? It's the first New Year since starting this blog, so I took a moment to reflect on my resolutions for the blog as well as life in general. I started Annelies Explores last summer after contemplating it for quite a while. I've had... Continue Reading →

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