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2020 resolutions

So what resolutions do I have for 2020? Read on for my goals for blogging, travelling, creativity, fitness, books and some personal stuff.

Best of Belgium: Antwerp

So I got the idea of creating a 'Best of Belgium' series. I want to not only capture my citytrips and travels far far away on this blog, but also share some of the highlights of my home country. Having lived abroad for some years it is nice to rediscover your own country and to... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Budapest

In November we flew off to Budapest (Hungary) for the weekend. Wizzair helpfully changed its luggage policy, so that all you can take now without paying extra is your toothbrush and maybe some spare pants. Luckily they changed their policy AFTER I had booked our flights, and kindly allowed my boyfriend and I to each... Continue Reading →


Every year since graduating I have made a bigger/longer trip every year: Moscow in 2012; the East Coast of the USA in 2013; Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Indonesia in 2014; a Euro-trip (Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris, Rouen, Stadthagen) in 2015; Vietnam & Cambodia in 2016 and Morocco in 2017. Last year we moved from the UK... Continue Reading →

2019 Resolutions

So here we are in 2019. Another year, another set of resolutions? It's the first New Year since starting this blog, so I took a moment to reflect on my resolutions for the blog as well as life in general. I started Annelies Explores last summer after contemplating it for quite a while. I've had... Continue Reading →

A weekend in London

I only visited London for the first time 7 years ago, but since then I have been quite often. While I was living in Birmingham I also regularly travelled to London for work. In the past year I’ve been twice and it that gave me the idea to bring my London favourites together and share... Continue Reading →


Would you like to spend 2 weeks in Morocco but not sure where to go? This blog post gives you the highlight from my trip!

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