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February bullet journal

It’s snowing outside, so even cosier to dedicate some time to new bullet journal spreads and a blog post about them! I’ve been trying out different spreads over the last 1,5 years, I think – you can check out my first post about them here. I mostly use longer-term spreads rather than weekly/monthly ones, I end up not sticking to them anyway or don’t get round to draw them up in time. In my blog post from June last year I started with a new notebook which I am still using today. A few of the spreads I really liked and kept/slightly altered, others are new ones I’ve added. So have a look below at my latest bujo creations!

Blog post planner

I had a similar planner for 2020 and found it very useful to ensure some variety in my posts. I kept the layout for 2021 and added some colour. Not sure if I would do that again, but hey, that’s how you learn. 

Social media tracker

This is the same tracker you can spot in my June blog post. I really like the layout and as you can tell from the colours there is plenty more to be ticked off, so why reinvent the wheel? My Twitter follower number actually went down since I last updated this, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter yet you can help right that wrong by doing so :). 

Same with the Pinterest and Blog Followers tracker: these are still the same spreads. I quite like little flags. I haven’t invested much time in Pinterest recently, but I’d like to get it back up and running in the next few months. 

Books to read

New spread but I kept the idea from my last one: an overview of the books I have at home and are on my To Be Read list. You might have read in my New Year’s Resolutions blog post that one of my resolutions for 2021 is to read 21 books, and only after I’ve read 5 books am I allowed to purchase a new one. So this way I’m keeping track of my progress on this front!

Sustainability challenge

One thing I’m trying to do better/ more of is living sustainably. We are mindful when we travel, try to cook with seasonal veg and recycle as much as we can, but I felt a bit lost for inspiration on what else to do. Then I saw this Dutch challenge, or rather 52 challenges! Every week you receive a new challenge in your mailbox, with lots of information and different options on how to complete the challenge. I haven’t managed to do them all, but I will try to do some later and complete as many as possible throughout the year. 

Tidying up progress tracker

So clearly I’ve been watching The Home Edit A LOT on Netflix lately, haha. And when I saw some previews of their new workbook I thought it might help to make a tracker of the stuff I need to tidy up to help me stay motivated. I tried out a few fonts for the title, ended up with this one but still not very happy with it. Oh well, I’ll just have to be very efficient with tidying up so I can make a new tracker! Progress I will mark with pink, a finished project with green. 

Garden planning

Last but not least I made this one and quite happy with the result. Not so much a tracker, but a useful overview of when to sow and harvest the veggies in the garden. ‘Moestuin’ means vegetable patch in Dutch. I started off writing the names of the herbs in English, but for some of the seeds I only know their Dutch name, so I decided to stick to Dutch in the end. The green blocks are for sowing, the red ones for harvesting. Can’t wait to start! 

Right, that’s it for now. Do you use a bullet journal? What kind of spreads do you use most? Or some wonderful bullet journal peeps I should check out? 

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